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Born to hunt…

Lucy – our neighbor dog and Buddy’s best doggie friend – was born to hunt.  She’s a hunting machine.

Nobody knows any details of Lucy’s breeding – they just call her a hound.  Her long legs make her fast like a bullet – not always well aimed (she’s likely to crash full speed into me or Buddy), but fast.  Her sense of smell is extraordinary: Buddy can pretty well follow a scent on the ground, but Lucy can follow a scent in the air like a clothesline.  And she wants to hunt.

Oh, Lord, does that dog want to hunt.

I told Tom a few weeks ago that i thought Lucy (who loves to walk up the hill behind the house with Buddy and I) might have gotten injured back in the woods, based on the yelps she suddenly let out back in there.  I couldn’t find any particular wounds on her – nor could Tom later.  I imagined that i saw her favoring one hind leg – but then i am a hypochondriac with myself and with dogs, and i’m sure now that i was making this up.  I’ve realized since that Lucy yelps like that when she’s hot on a scent.  It sounds like pain – and maybe it is, along with excitement, if not being able to find the source of that fresh scent is maybe somehow painful for her.

Tom is not a hunter – and I’m not a big fan of hunting – but i almost wish for Lucy’s sake that he was.  It would just be so thrilling for her.

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