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For Majo:

I was happy downtown – but I’m way happier up here in the mountains!

And Panchita, aka Pancho:

For a Chihuahua, Panchita (at six years old) is really pretty chill. Great with people and 2/3 of all dogs (not ferocious with the other 1/3 – more “Go away kid, you bother me.”)

But she does a good job of alerting me when there’s somebody coming around – and somehow knows the difference if that somebody is genuinely dangerous (and is truly lion-hearted in that situation, bless her heart).

We have been staying with a friend in the mountains outside of Asheville – and I have gotten clear that this is the kind of situation that my heart is calling for now.

My target area – where my soul now feels most at home – is north of Asheville: Weaverville, Burnsville, Barnardsville, Mars Hill, Alexander, Marshall, Hot Springs, etc.

People know me from Jubilee!, the Asheville Movement Collective, and Earth Fare – where I was recently a cashier for four years, after three years before that at Greenlife.

I’m a fairly prolific (and sometimes kinda good) writer. People at Jubilee mostly know me from my performance poetry and stand-up comedy.

My R-rated personal blog is “Waking up” (majowakingup.com).

My G- (maybe some PG-) rated Earth Fare blog is “Real Life in the Checkout Line” (rlcol.com).

My most interesting, informal, candid bio is at https://majowakingup.com/who-he-was/. There is shit in there that even my best friends won’t know.

My target date for moving is May 1 – June 1.

Reach me at:

– 828-582-9822 (voice and text)

– heymajo@outlook.com

– Facebook: “majojohnmadden” (open profile)

Thank you. Stay well. Move your body as much as possible.

See my Easter poem/wish at https://www.icloud.com/photos/#0dzJx8KDO67eAqMDtbyR8IxcA

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