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About a half-hour after getting home this afternoon (maybe 20 minutes ago), Pancho – who had been periodically going to the back door and letting out a perfunctory woof, at the dog across the street I thought – started barking very insistently. I thought maybe that same dog had come across the street, but something made me put Pancho’s leash on her before went out to see.

As soon as we stepped out the door, there they were


Again, no photo of our three bears – they disappeared into the woods too rapidly and I felt no urge to pursue them. But both times the smaller cub had shimmied up a tree.

– about 30 yards away, in the middle of the backyard. I think they probably are the same three bears we saw two days ago, maybe a half-mile down the Mountain-to-Sea Trail: mama, big cub and little cub. As soon as they saw us and Pancho’s barking – now coming from the patio – got much louder, they headed for the back of the property, but in no big hurry.

Pancho for a long while kept very attentively watching their exit point into the woods. Were they lingering just past the border of our yard? Probably not. It’s just that neither of us is really used to bears in the backyard.

in Susie's car

Panchita the canine bear alert system

Wait! Where is Pancho now, as I write this?! A moment of anxiety for me. As I stand up from my table to look for her, she also stands up from her resting place under the table.
Now, a few minutes later, as I write this, where has she gone? When we were out here in the backyard the other day, she stayed right by me. But now that she’s getting more comfortable here at Monica’s house, how far might she wander? I – who have never let her free outside, apartment dog that she has been – do not know. The street in front of the house is a very sleepy end of a dead end street. Monica says the only people who travel it are from the house across the street – and they are used to watching out for their and Monica’s cats.
Sure enough, that’s exactly where she had gone – out into the street and I don’t know how far down it. I’m simultaneously proud of her independence and thinking I want to keep an eye on her.
“Go Pancho! You’re a good little watchdog! Do keep letting me know when there are bears around!”

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