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I sat for these two dogs for two weeks recently (with the company of my tiny white dog Toni) – and fell for them.  And they fell for me – because I fed them and I am a person and dogs love people.  

Adorable is wild and woolly – she loves me in a joyous way.  She jumps on me with her muddy paws and leaves muddy streaks down my helpless short pants.  It would be worse in the late fall with long pants. I barely protest. It so sweet and funny – she loves with such abandon.2 dogs and a foot.jpg

Mighty mopes in the corner of the yard – under the playground set, digging hard.  In the bushes. She comes closer only to hide under the chaise lounge with the red cushions.  She comes closer still to give her love/ask for love by rubbing her head against my legs (no jumping here), twisting her head to look at me upside down – do you love me now?

They are a perfect team, with all their difference.  They run up to the gate next to the back door to bark furiously – though in no way menacingly – at some imaginary person or dog next door.  Alternately, they race to the boards up on top of the hot tub to protect the perimeter from some other imaginary interloper.two dogs hunting.jpg

They both resisted food the first three days I sat for them, just to test my confidence in them.  They knew they would eat eventually, but I didn’t know it. Likewise, the only one occasion when they refused to come out of their crate, it was just to mess with me.  Go ahead, put us in this crate – we’re not afraid of no crate. We’ll stay in this crate longer than you can tolerate – you’ll break before we do.

When they came around and acted healthy again – ate normal, came out of their crate like any healthy dog would do – it was not for me, though they later (only later) came to love me.  It was because they love you, their people – Mary, Pat and Zelda. They love you with a passion. They love me only because I am a shadow of you.3 dogs closer.jpg

They love you because dogs are bred to love people and because you represent for them the best that people have to offer.  And part of the best that people have to offer is to love dogs the way you love them: Adorable Lover and Mighty Hunter.  Your wonderful dogs, who you loan briefly to me – the dog sitter – lucky dog that I am.

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