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Saturday, September 29, 5:30-9:30.
Battery Park Apartments, 1 Battle Square, downtown Asheville 28801, out the north side of the Grove Arcade
reach me: heymajo@gmail.com, 828-582-9822.

Have you been in the elegant and historic Battery Park Apartments?front taller still.jpgLobby

The lobby?

Lobby 2

The glamorous 13th floor Roof Garden penthouse party room?roof garden

Out on the western facing balcony to see the mountains – including Mt. Pisgah to the left (out of sight from this photo, but very visible from the balcomy) – and sometimes a great sunset?west balcony.jpg

Or the eastern facing balcony to capture the art-deco City Hall or the much more mundane County Building?east balcony.jpg

Have you ever helped me to warm this house in my fifth floor western (Canton) and northern (Montford) facing apartment #503?  Most likely not – I’ve just been here for three months.  If you know anything about my gypsy ways over the last year, you will know what a big deal it is for me to warm this house.west from my apartment.jpg

Three big windows facing west.


One big window facing Montford to the north.

Help us to eat potluck (5:30-6:30 – extra points for not bringing hummus and crackers), dance the night away to the music of locally famous DJ Kutzu (two sets – 6:30-7:30 and 8:30-9:30), feast on my poetry (7:30-8:30, or go hang out on the balcony). Hang out in my cozy apartment #503. Sign the journal – leave a wish for me and my house.

Building rules say to vacate the party room by 9:30.  Stop by my apartment #503.  Let’s party late if we feel so inspired.

Don’t be intimidated by all the talk of no parking downtown on a Saturday night.  Allow 10 extra minutes for a little walk and park on a Montford neighborhood side street or there will be parking behind the Visitor Center on Montford Avenue no matter how many tourists or what country singer is playing at the Civic Center.

Children and partner friendly – as long as they are friendly.  This very festive evening will all be too much for my hyper-sensitive (and sick) little yorkipoo doggie Toni, so she will be playing elsewhere that night (aside from the poetry – she and her sitter Diana love my poetry).  Tony hello.jpg

No drinking in this church-affiliated building, except in private apartments like mine (leave me a beer as a souvenir if it’s an imperial stout or a Belgian ale, take any extras home if they are IPA’s).  Wine drinkers should not look for help from me – it would be a waste of good wine. No smoking even in private apartments, but you can go out by the sidewalk if you got ’em.

The building requires that the front door be locked at all times, so we need eight 30-minute greeters.  Do it with your partner or pair up with a friend – or just get off on meeting people. Greeting is a sacred act.  Let me know if you are interested.  heymajo@gmail.com.

RSVP if you would (so redundant), so I know who to get excited about seeing and who I will need to see another time.


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