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A close friend said to me the other day, “When you were a cashier at Earth Fare supermarket those last four years, you did so much more than sell groceries.  You were always looking for ways to affirm your customer.  You were really a blessing for them.  Why would it be a surprise that your pet sitting should go way beyond what people think of in that work?”

I recognize that I do more, that I want to offer more.  I send a text message with a new photo every time I look in on a pet.  Because I’m a writer, these text messages have some significant content.  I shine a positive light on the pet – point out their beauty.  IMG_0140

IMG_20180821_104310574.jpgIMG_20180822_090958602.jpgWhen this is a regular customer or they give me a big job, I write a commissioned poem about their pet.  These commissioned poems retail for $100 and totally are a blessing on the animal – and the person’s relationship with the animal.

I love the house – take good care of it, bless it.

I bless the family – want for them to have enchanted relationships with their pets, want for them to have a happy household.  At Earth Fare, I was never content with swiping groceries.  A recent pet sitting customer said she wanted me for the job partly because she remembered having special conversations with me at Earth Fare.

I am grateful to have this work: to spend time with beautiful animals, in a beautiful house, for beautiful families.

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