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I dreamed a dream…

I dreamed a dream that all beloved pets would feel safe, loved and attended to when their masters are away – for a week conference in Manhattan or a long day at work in Woodfin.

I dreamed a dream that all masters would feel happy and comfortable that Fido is in good hands while they are gone.business card

I dreamed a dream that I would get to do work for which I am uniquely qualified – the animal care, the exquisite communication with the masters – work that makes my heart sing and for which I get appropriate compensation to acknowledge just how much I bring to the table.

I dreamed a dream that my friends and associates enthusiastically came together to support me in making this work work – whether giving $100 to get a commissioned poem Poet is inor $10 for some photos if that’s what works or, if no money works, to share my appeal on their Facebook page or think about who in their network has deep pockets and a philanthropic orientation or love of animals and might like to get weekly text updates for $150.

I dreamed a dream of my friend Karen whose emotional support animal is a chameleon Karen and Yoda– and how seeing them together reminded me that we all need each other.  We need other species in our lives.  Dogs are a great species and they love people, most of them.  People are great, but if our lives are only about people we are missing big parts of the world.  Read Kinship with All Life about animal/human communication.

I dreamed a dream of all of us together the other day,
late afternoon outside of Earth Fare,
July sun, just hot enough to be summer and not spring –
high summer, just a couple weeks after the Solstice.

dog parrot and child.jpg

Gorgeous amazing very tall 30 year old Tre – a goddess, an Amazon,
we used to be cashiers together,
now she is selling her jewelry outside of Earth Fare
Her adorable tow-headed two year old toddler Lucas
Her amazing 17 year old totally quiet parrot Yoda
My fabulous newly diagnosed heart patient nine year old puppy Toni

dog parrot Tre.jpg
My self, 71 year old guy Majo
Sometime Earth Fare cashier

hat and gloves.jpg
Today just observing all of this
Not wanting to be anyone else
Not wanting to have anyone else
All of us coexisting
All of us making space for each other
All of us letting all the other beings just be

Baba busker

I dreamed that I just let go,
Let life take me where it wants me
I dreamed that all of life conspired to support me
Serving God as I am uniquely meant to
Walking dogs, visiting lonely animals
Your dog will be happy to see me
And you will be happy to know that I am there
That your beloved pet is not alone
That they are in good, competent, compassionate hands

Here I am Lord, is it I Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night
I will go Lord, where you lead me
I will hold your people in my heart

Sherri Lynn - no rotate

I dreamed a dream of a world that works for everyone
Every species, every being
And I won’t give up on it.
One animal at a time.
Baby steps.

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