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Last night was only about the 5th time that i have gone to bed without “tucking Buddy in” (see post forJuly 21, https://mybuddysblog.wordpress.com/2009/07/21/tucking-buddy-in/).

I hate missing that little ritual, but it was the best I could do at the time.  I  had been immersed in work at my desk until late – then i literally fell asleep as i was working.  (The little cup of cereal i was holding as i pondered what to type next in an email i was writing slipped right out of my hands – and fortunately only pinned itself between my belly and the desk.  I knew there was a reason for not losing those extra pounds.)

So I basically staggered over to Buddy’s bed.  (I had made him come in for the night because it had rained hard all day and the ground was just too damp for his little arthritic hip.  He would have preferred to stay out, but i asserted my parental authority.)  He had recently been sleeping on his bed so hard that he was snoring loudly, but had a little bit ago woke up – and was laying there actually looking pretty contented, not moping and waiting/hoping for some attention.

I kissed him on his little snout (he loves that – sometimes he will repeatedly stick his nose up towards me so i can kiss it again), said “Nighty-night, sweetheart” – then literally staggered off to my own bed, just barely making it there before i went completely unconscious.  Even in my half-conscious state, as i walked towards my bedroom i could feel his little eyes following me, asking, “What, that’s it?”

But i didn’t feel really bad about it: he’s had lots of good love from me the last couple of days, has been playing very happily with Lucy and has seemed, overall, to be a very happy, content little dog.  His little emotional bank account is pretty full.  I love our little bedtime ritual and shall continue to make it happen almost every night, but sometimes it just ain’t happenin’.

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