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The hunter is back!

Buddy did something on our walk just now which completely reassured me that he is fine – even if he has, in general, been so lethargic lately.

First good sign was that he did deign to come with me on my walk back on the property, even in the heat of the afternoon.  (At first he refused, but then when i went out of sight around the curve in the road, decided that he did actually want to come.  At first i could only see his little wagging tail over the berm next to the horse pasture, which was very cute – then he trotted enough to catch up with me.)

On our way back down the hill from our little woods, he was doggin’ it, not showing a lot of pep.  Then he suddenly stopped absolutely still and went into full, hyper-alert hunter pose.  He stared at the grass a few feet in front of him, at something that i could not see.  He even did that classic doggie gesture that he almost never does, where he cocked his head to one side as he stared in front of him – so cute!  He stealthily took a few hunter steps – and then he pounced!  He started feverishly digging through the grass to the earth below, periodically shoving his nose down into the dirt in a way that gets his little face and beard so dirty, even as it reveals the little ratter that he is.  Then he would go back to his excited digging.

He periodically pulled his head out and looked vigilantly all around – as he always does when he is digging for prey like this – then back to the digging and the shoving his head down the little hole he was creating.  Finally – as usually is the case – he lost the scent and quit.  But, as he now happily trotted down the road, you could tell that the mighty hunter – whom i had not recently seen in action – was back.

For the next few days, at least, no amount of lethargy in him – on these dog days of summer – will concern me.  He’s still one mighty little dog!

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