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Your Lucy and My Dog  (Something Rises, 2009)

Lucy, our neighbor dog

Mine for this week you are away

Barks at the door when she wants in

Buddy stands outside and waits and hopes

That I will see him there

Which sometimes I do not

He stands alone in trust and hope

And sometimes in despair

As I go on my mindless way

When I’d wish to see him there

Buddy comes to me so soft and warm

And patient and so easy to let in

Lucy pushes through

Past my own dog’s water ways

Heedless, she knows her needs alone

Knows not how to share,

How to wait her turn

Pushy as a waterfall

She can wear away a stone

My water ways

Can melt your heart

Sometimes I’m, too, alone

When I push sometimes you let me in

Grateful to know I’m there

Sometimes you push me back from you

Like I’m some hungry bear

I wish sometimes that I knew more

My wants and needs – my hunger, too

How can I know which dog to be

Which one will speak to you

Teach me, please, my cherished love

When you want me to push

And when my sweetness you would hold

I promise I will learn from you

Except when I do not

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