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“Tied in”

There oughtta be a law.

Dog “tie-outs” are very popular in this part of the country: you just drive a big metal stake into the ground, chain your dog to it and you’re good to go.  The dog gets to enjoy the open air, you get to sit on the sofa and watch the TV – no problems, right?

Not much point here in belaboring the whole issue of chaining dogs up (I do support a local group seeking to end this practice), but i have a neighbor dog who is tied in.

The mother of a household whose home i walk by several times a day, on our way back up the hill behind our house, is disabled, in a wheel chair.  Over about 11 months, i have seen her about that many times – a few times on the front porch and the others being helped in or out of their van.

I have seen Nellie, their two year old Pit Bull, about that often.  I like Pit Bulls – Buddy’s two best doggie friends at our old house were two unfixed male Pit Bulls – so i was predisposed to liking Nellie, but i never got the chance: Nellie is one very aggressive dog.

And why not?  She is an extremely robust breed that wants and needs lots of exercise.  I have never seen Nellie out of their (unfenced) yard, only once off-leash (she attacked my dog), never seen her really getting a walk, much less a run.

The daughter tells me that Nellie is her mom’s “baby”, her cherished companion.  Bless her heart, she probably really needs a companion – how can i possibly begrudge this bit of comfort in her life?  But i will let myself take the judgmental stance that, if you want to own a dog, you need to find some way to meet their needs for exercise.  Get the right breed.  This poor woman needs a little lap dog, not a Pit Bull.

Tieing dogs in is almost as bad as tieing them out.

There oughtta be a law.

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