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Buddy never goes back in my bedroom unless he’s really terrified of a thunderstorm.  But tonight, with a bear on our front porch, he decided that my room was the right place to be.

Later: before going to bed – an hour after the bear had left, with my excited, agitated energy just beginning to settle down – i spent some time just being with Buddy, still hiding back in my bedroom.  Pretty quickly he lay on his side and started to relax.  Then his legs and head, even his torso, began to shake.  And i realized, “Oh my god, this poor little doggie isn’t just scared – he’s terrified.”  In all my preoccupation with the bear’s visit, I had not really paid attention to just how scary all this was for my little doggie.

Many dogs would have been barking like crazy at the bear on the front porch.  Buddy just got very quiet – contracted, i now realize – hiding first under the kitchen table, then under my desk as i wrote, then back in my bedroom.  Usually our house is a sanctuary for him, but there she was so close – and with her odor, i’m sure, permeating the inside of our house.  Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

So Buddy shook, then relaxed, then raised himself up with his nose working hard.  “Is she still there?  I still smell her.”  Then he would relax – and then shake some more.  Then relax.  Then his eyes popped wide open.  “Do you hear her, Buddy?  It’s ok, you’re safe.”  He may actually have been hearing her somewhere, as she did pay one last brief visit to our porch later that night – but i had brought in the remaining bird feeders and she didn’t stay.

In all my preoccupation with my various reactions to the bear, my doggie’s terror went way into background.  i knew that he was scared, but never even considered stopping everything to give him some reassurance.  I’ll learn.

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