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If i love and admire my dog so much – as I do – then why, when he’s barking at something, do i (lightly, affectionately) yell, “Be quiet, you goofy dog!”  Why, when his antics strike me as funny, do i say, “You’re a goof”, (or “goofball”), “You’re so silly”, “You’re crazy”, etc.

I think all of these ways i talk to my dog simply express the fact that i in no way understand what is actually going on inside of that goofy, other-species brain.   And that he is, well, funny.  My dog, i am positive, likes to make me laugh and goes out of his way to do so.  But, even when they are not trying to be funny, they still are (to us humans, who don’t understand them).

It’s a lot like this with humans: people’s oddities are a big part of what makes them funny.  The writers for Seinfeld and most sitcoms understand this.  And i frequently say “You goof” to some of my closest friends.  (This is trickier with new friends or with acquaintances or business colleagues.)

In the world of humans, i would almost always choose a friend or lover with a good sense of humor – someone who can crack me up.  Why not the same with dogs?  My dog can make me laugh on days when almost nothing or nobody else could.

Isn’t this part of why we like them around?

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