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Over the moon…

Tonight (uh, this morning – it’s after 1 a.m.) Buddy did something i’ve never seen him do.

We were out in the back yard grokking the full moon.  I was so stimulated by it that i was in no hurry to go to bed.  Buddy does not howl at the full moon like our neighbor hound Dorie seems to almost need to do, but it is obviously very stimulating also to him.

We were cuddling together (“tucking him in for the night”, before i go to bed).  After a few minutes of just settling in – sitting between my legs, then shifting his weight to lean against me, then leaning more, with his head against my chest – he got all ecstatic, throwing his head repeatedly back in my direction, rolling around on his back, moaning, giving my leg and my hand little love bites.  Nothing new here – he does this almost every night.

He would alternate these little outbursts of ecstatic love with then sitting up, all senses alert, sniffing the night, perking up his ears to hear something i could not hear.  Then he voluntarily relinquished his cozy spot up against me to hop up and trotted off into the darkness to check out something he had heard or smelled.  (OK, two things he never does.)

But the real show-stopper was that when he got back, he went right up to the back door, obviously wanting to go in.  Go inside, which he so seldom wants to do on these warm summer nights, unless there is a thunder storm. Go inside, with me still outside.  I was truly amazed.  I was also really needing to go in, to give up the ravishing moon so that i could finally get to bed, before the sun came up.

And i do think that Buddy needed to go in.  I think the reason he needed to go in was not that there was anything outside that he didn’t like, but that he liked it too much.  Like me, he needed to get away from that overstimulating moon in order to get some real rest.

The fabulousness of that full moon was finally just too much.  He needed a breather.  Enough intoxication is enough.

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