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Diogi was Anita’s dog.

I’m embarassed to admit that, 10 years later, I remember absolutely nothing about Diogi – but then Anita’s beauty upstaged Diogi’s whateverness in a walk.  Anita was second generation Chinese-American.  I for a long time never got around to asking Anita just what “Diogi” meant in Chinese, though i assumed it had to be something interesting.  But, like I said, with Anita around I was never all that interested in this dog, about whom I do actually remember that he was medium-sized.  (But all the dogs in our little posse were medium-sized to large – little dogs just did not make it in this group of “big dogs”.)  When i finally did get around to asking where the name came from, Anita played real cagey: “Think about it.” “Huh?” “No, really, think about it.” “Think about what?  I don’t know any Chinese.”  “No, think about ‘d'”.  I was still completely clueless.  “Think about ‘d’ and ‘o'”.  I don’t remember if she had to get to, “Think about ‘d’ and ‘o’ and ‘g'”, but she might as well have, for how completely, hilariously, put on i realized i had been.

Even the writer and word-lover in me had not seen the furry for the Chinese.

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